Monday, December 1, 2008

Does your franchise need a makeover?

If you have ever watched the TV program Peter Perfect (on DSTV’s Style Network), presented by Peter Ishkahns, you will know that image is everything!! Peter visits businesses in serious need of a makeover and transforms not only the business but in many cases the lives of the owners too. He gives businesses strategies to increase sales, does a full re-design of the client’s shop including a new logo AND gives the employees and owner a complete image makeover. The before and after shots are jaw-dropping and Peter literally exposes how much potential these businesses have. By creating a new image for the business he essentially creates a brand, a visual image of the business for the customers to remember which is key. I am a great fan of this program and Peter, well, he is just hysterical and he is brutally honest too but no Simon Cowell stuff here (Thank God!). The program has made me notice so many businesses in need of “Peter Perfect” and my husband and I will often see shops and say “that shop needs Peter!”. We have said that so many times which has made me beg the question, is your business or franchise in need of a makeover? So often, businesses forget about their image or don’t pay much attention to it and it can be detrimental in the long run when customers are drawn to a more image conscious shop down the road!

I was at a shopping centre yesterday and my eyes nearly dislodged themselves from my head when I saw that a coffee shop, which hasn’t changed its image in a decade, transformed itself! Eureka! Instead of being a dark and somewhat dingy place to go and drink coffee, it was now a warm yet light, fresh and inviting place to go and meet with friends and have a cappuccino. Not to mention that this place was swarming with people - clearly this image makeover was a smart business decision and will have a huge impact on their bottom line.

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