Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Business Idea 1: Start an Eco-Mobile Spa

Welcome to the first posting of our 8 Week Business Ideas Special! . We'll be presenting a start-up idea every week for the next 8 weeks so be sure to visit our blog for lots of great inspiration!

Health and Wellness
Difficulty to Start:
Start-Up Costs:
Must Love:
Beauty and Wellness
Dealing with people
Knowledge Needed:
Experience in managing or running a beauty salon would be beneficial but spa consultants can also help develop a business plan for you.
Websites to inspire you:
Mobile Eco Spa

The Idea:
Yes there are spas, there are also mobile spas and there a handful of eco spas BUT what about combining all 3 aspects to get a mobile eco spa! What would make your service eco-friendly you ask? Well, firstly you drive 1 van to a company, bed and breakfast or someone’s house instead of 6 people driving six cars to you! Less carbon emissions right there. You could use natural substances for your treatments ie. Rose waters, salts, coconut and banana body wraps, avocado facials etc. For all wiping and hand drying, you could use light-weight eco disposable towels and gowns (better than washing loads of towels afterwards). And lastly you could educate your female clients on a few ways to incorporate earth-friendly practices into their daily beauty regime. You could even offer eco-beauty kits as an up-sell.

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