Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Business Idea 2: Sell Green Picnics

Food and Entertaining
Difficulty to start:
Start-Up Costs:
Must Love:
Cooking / Baking
Knowledge Needed
Food Safety
Food Preparation Methods

The Idea:
Picking up on the eco niche, why not position yourself to sell “Green Picnics” to eco-conscious consumers. Picnics baskets can provide a refreshing change to the standard corporate lunch, wedding or birthday celebration. To make it even more appealing, put a twist on this somewhat conventional idea and focus on eco-packaging. Supply glass or steel crockery and cutlery and where plastic is necessary, use recyclable plastics. Also try and support local food vendors and organic food.

Possible Marketing Ideas:

Prepare a modern picnic for friends or family, pay attention to the picnic setting and food preparation. Hire a professional photographer to document the event – brief them on taking detailed pictures which you could then send to various leisure or wedding magazines (along with text and the menu) to be used as an editorial feature. This would provide a great kick-start for your company.

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