Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Business Idea 3: Walk-the-Dog Business

Pets / Pet Accessories / Pet Care
Difficulty to start:
Start-Up Costs:
Low, but you need your own car
Must Love:
All animals
Dealing with pet owners
Knowledge Needed:
You need to know how to walk and care for a dog – no brainer!

The Idea:
There are plenty of loving dog owners out there that don’t have the time to walk their dogs but would probably pay someone to walk their dogs for them! Now I am sure that there are companies like this somewhere in South Africa (or world) but I haven’t seen or heard of any so please enlighten me if you know of any. You can offer various services such as a walk once a day, twice a week or once a week. You could charge for delivery of pet food and toys, give the dogs a wash and even throw ball/ frisbie for them!

Possible Marketing Ideas:

Target veterinary practices as well as pet shops to become strategic partners who can promote your services for you. Visit nearby parks where people walk their dogs and get chatting to people, tell them about your service. There are plenty of puppy schools around too, so get in touch with them and perhaps you can introduce yourself to the owners and puppies who attend the class!

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